Hong Kong: Amnesty International will close its offices

BEIJING, OCTOBER 25 – Amnesty International throws in the towel and announces that it will close its offices in Hong Kong due to the threat posed to staff by the national security law that Beijing imposed on the former British colony at the end of June 2020. “This The decision, made grudgingly, was guided by Hong Kong’s National Security Act, which made it impossible for human rights organizations in the city to work freely and without fear of severe government reprisals, “he said in a statement. Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, chairman of the Amnesty board. Amnesty International has two offices in Hong Kong, one of which is local dedicated to the human rights situation in the former British colony and the other regional which carries out its research activities in East and South East Asia, and in the Pacific. In the note, Amnesty added that the local office will be closed on October 31 and that the regional office will be moved “by the end of 2021”. (HANDLE).

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