Holocaust survivor celebrates 100 years in Germany

ROME, NOV 05 – Holocaust survivor Margot Friedlaender turned 100 receiving greetings from all the institutions of the Federal Republic, starting with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, passing through Chancellor Steffen Seibert’s spokesperson, up to the Foreign Ministry. In her experience as a centennial Friedlaender lived 4 lives, she told Deutsche Welle. The first lived in Berlin with his family, until the abrupt interruption imposed by the terror of National Socialism, the second life was spent between the underground hiding places of the German capital and the hell of the Theresinstadt concentration camp until the liberation in 1945. , the third in New York in the USA and finally the fourth began when at 88 she decided to move to her hometown, Berlin. Friedlander has been and continues to be a reference voice in Germany not only for the testimony of the past horror – “it is a mission that I speak for those who have not made it” he said – but also of commitment for a future without discrimination. Friedlaender has repeatedly recalled that the Shoah concerned not only the destruction of the Jews of Europe but the attempt to suppress homosexuals, Roma and Sinti, the disabled and political opponents. This is why he continued to speak in schools for years. “I feel I have done something, not just for my mother, not just for six million Jews, but for the many millions of people who were killed because they didn’t want to do what they were told to do,” said the Holocaust survivor. . On the occasion of his 100th birthday, an exhibition with his portraits was inaugurated in Berlin. (HANDLE).

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