Here’s how to troubleshoot DAZN

We worked hard to find a solution, but in the end we succeeded. Provided you have a stable connection available, here’s how to definitively solve the problems that plague DAZN.

As explained above, especially during the very first Serie A championship days, DAZN was at the center of a real storm on social media due to the poor quality recorded by many users.

What happens to DAZN?

In concrete terms, continuous uploads And frame drop as well as video quality degradation were the most common DAZN problems among users. Over time, DAZN has improved its servers thus achieving a good level of stability. Despite the FTTH and FTTC connections that many customers of the platform have, many continue to report drastic drops in quality when watching live events.

THE problems of DAZN are often registered by users with players based on AndroidTV. Whether the device is more or less performing, it seems that the version of the app available on the Google PlayStore for AndroidTV is plagued by a rather obvious problem. In all of our tests, we encountered episodes of frame drop when watching live events as well as on demand. The problems remain similar and evident even on game consoles, in some cases PC and Mac as well as on Android tablets and smartphones.

decoder timvision

What surprised us most is the poor quality offered by the TimVision decoder, both in the previous version and in the most recent one, which will be released this summer. It is really strange that one of the official devices of a partner is not able to offer a quality of vision to the maximum of the possibilities of the platform.

Is it possible to solve the problems of DAZN?

To fully enjoy the quality of vision offered and solve the problems of DAZN, our advice is to have an AppleTV, an LG TV with WebOS or a Samsung with TizenOS. In these cases, the vision is perfect, in line with expectations with respect to an event broadcast in 720p and 6 mbit / sec. Starting from the end of November then, DAZN should increase the quality and bitrate of its events to offer 1080p.

On AppleTV it is also possible play more than one event at a time taking advantage of the multi view functionality. In this case, the user can listen to the audio of a broadcast, see up to 4 events on the TV screen simultaneously and select them at will with a few clicks on the remote control.

If you are super passionate about football and want to solve DAZN problems now you know what to do!


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