here is who will be the guests of the evening

The next 25 August Carmen Consoli will go up on the stage of the “Arena of Verona to celebrate his parents properly 25 years of career. The event date – sold out – it should have taken place last year, but has been rescheduled to 2021 due to the Covid-19 emergency.

A party that will be recovered in a big way and to which they will participate lots of guests, to celebrate the singer.

This is the list of special guests who will share the stage with Carmen:

Manuel Agnelli
Samuel Bersani
Colapesce Dimartino
Rodrigo D’Erasmo
Donatella Finocchiaro
Max Gazzè
Irene Grandi
Marina Rei
Daniele Silvestri
Ornella Vanoni
Mario Venuti

During the show Carmen Consoli will perform flanked by a ‘symphony orchestra and from his historic rock band composed by: Massimo Roccaforte on guitars, Antonio Marra on drums, Marco Siniscalco on bass, Max Dedo on winds, Roberto Procaccini on keyboards, Alessandro Monteduro on percussion, to which Adriano Murania on violin, Emilia Belfiore on violin, Gaetano Adorno are also added on viola, Claudia Della Gatta on cello.

ph: press office cover image, credit Andrea Grignani

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