here is the tracklist and the epic covers

An announcement that made the music biz and that went straight to the hearts of the fans: Marracash surprisingly unveiled the release date of the new album! The album is titled “We, Them, the Others” and will be available from Friday 19th November on streaming and digital platforms starting from 1.00.

The King of Rap has chosen to give life to one trilogy of covers that could best express the concept of the entire project. One more beautiful than the other, judge for yourself!



“We, Them, The Others” is produced by March and is formed by 14 songs unpublished, including collaborations with Guè, Calcutta and Blanco.

Here is the tracklist:

1. Them
2. Clown
3. ∞ Love (feat. Guè)
4. I
5. Crazy love
6. Cosplayer
7. Doubts
8. Honorary degree (feat. Calcutta)
9. We
10. We, them, the other skits
11. Others (Stupid Days)
12. Nemesi (feat. Blanco)
13. Dumbo gets mad skit
14. Cliffhanger

“We, Them, The Others” is the ideal sequel to “Person”, Marra’s previous studio album present in the charts two years after its release, as well as the best-selling of 2020.

ph cover image: press office, credit Jonathan Mannion

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