Harry Styles may soon launch his own make-up and perfume line

Harry Styles he will be the next celebrity to go out to conquer the world beauty?

According to some documents obtained by Page Six Style, the 27-year-old was recently appointed director of a new company that it promises to market perfumes and cosmetics.

The company is called “Pleased As Holdings Limited“and was registered on May 25 in the UK company directory. The fan account @TheHarryNews shared the documents on Twitter.

Harry Styles – getty images

Emma Spring, Harry’s assistant for years, is listed as the other director of the company.

Fun fact: the singer of “Golden” is the godfather of Arlo, the son of Emma Spring and the drummer of Florence and the Machine. Not only that, Harry has tattooed “Arlo” under his left elbow.

Company registration does not necessarily guarantee that the Harry Styles beauty line will arrive soon, but we can make some assumptions about what products could be launched.

Probably unisex make-up and almost certainly Nial Polish. We all know how much Gen Z’s favorite rock star loves colored manicures.

And what about perfumes? Who knows, maybe the first fragrance will be an ode to “Watermelon Sugar”.

For now it’s all shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain: we won’t miss any updates!

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