Harry Styles is the friend everyone needs and this phone call to Liam Payne proves it

Treat people with kindness (treats people with kindness) is the motto of Harry Styles and it’s not just about words, because the singer gives us a practical example on how to translate them into facts!

For example, calling a friend who you haven’t heard from in a while and who you think is not having a good time: Liam Payne said that the colleague of the one direction he did just that with him.

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In an Instagram Live for Capital FM, Liam answered questions from fans including one he wanted to know if he’s still in touch with Harry.

So it turns out they heard recently: “Yup, I talked to Harry and he was really lovely“said the 27-year-old, before explaining the thoughtful reason he received the call:”He called me because I feel that it has a sixth sense in understanding if they are in trouble or if one of us is in trouble“.

“I talked to him and it was a lovely update indeed. I have a lot of love for this man. He is fantastic, it’s really, really, awesome” he added.

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As you know, since 2016 One Direction have decided to follow solo projects (the release of Zayn is instead of 2015) and Liam Payne also spoke of the distance from the other members of the band:

It’s hard to be in this position sometimes, you look at the stories of people from afar, whom you once knew so well. It can get difficult when you feel a piece of you is missing without them. And I think we all feel that way sometimes, me and the kids. It’s like you miss a dear friend, but everyone is so busy and you have to understand this“.

Liam concluded by throwing a clue on a possible reunion license plate 1D: “I’d love to have us all in one room at a certain point. I think that it would be best ever“.

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