Harry Styles asked fans to sing “happy birthday” to his mom at a concert

Some gifts can’t be touched but they couldn’t be more precious: just like what he did Harry Styles to his mom!

During the stage of his Love On Tour in Connecticut, the singer let the public know that it was Anne Twist’s birthday and he left with a sweet request.

Harry Styles – getty images

“If that’s okay with you, could you sing happy birthday to my mom?“he said from the stage.

He added: “I hope you will hear it … e he will feel it because I will show it to him“, before reminding everyone of the name to be included in the song:”My mom is called Anne“.

Finally Harry Styles shouted a “you are ready?“and started the chorus of good wishes! Check out this adorable moment here on Twitter, in a video uploaded by a fan account.

With such a son, we bet Anne Twist couldn’t be prouder and this birthday thought is just the icing on the cake!

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