Hailey Bieber reveals her fall wardrobe staples – take notes!

When it comes to casual style but a lot cool, Hailey Bieber he always knows what he is doing. The model has a real knack for putting together looks that are both glamorous and comfortable. That’s why when the trendesetter revealed what they are her favorite pieces of fall fashion, we immediately started taking notes!

In a new interview with InStyle, the 24-year-old has in fact revealed what some of his are Reference clothes for the colder months.

There are three leaders which Hailey can’t do without and are important pieces to have: a oversized blazer, a warm sweater it’s a “nice coat“, each of which we can easily imagine him wearing the model on a cold autumn day.

An oversized jacket or a large chunchy coat“Hailey told a InStyle. “If you know something about my style, you know that I am always in the craziest oversize things because I find them very comfortable and I feel myself. “

She went on to explain that if, like her, you love oversizing, then it matters create contrast and don’t pair it with something too big below:

So maybe a slimmer sweater or a thinner cardigan with a thermal part underneath, a good pair of jeans and a boot or sneaker“Hailey said, adding that she always experiments with layers and textures to see what suits her best.

I think you just have to see what works best for your body type and height“, has explained. “I always take into account all these things and my height. If something is too long for me, does it make me look short? I’m crazy about this kind of thing, so I always look at the size of the clothes and how they overlap“.

As for the shoes, Hailey shared that it is essential “a good rain boot“, adding that she likes pairing rain boots with baggy rolled-up jeans along with a chunky, knitted sweater:

I am from the east coast where it rains and it is cold, and my husband is from Canada where it is even colder, and also gloomy and rainy“, he said. “So I think a classic pair of rain boots is very essential. “

It’s clear that Hailey’s fall style is both an art and a formula – we’ve seen plenty of photos of the star sporting oversized coats and rolled-up jeans to know she’s an expert when it comes to dressing up for the colder months.

Is anyone else ready to pull out the sweaters? Hailey inspired us!

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