Green hydrogen, Sino-Saudi agreement for mega plant

ROME, NOV 17 – The Saudi oil company Aramco has signed an agreement with the Hong Kong company InterContinental Energy for the construction of a large plant for the production of green hydrogen and ammonia, two zero-emission fuels. This was announced by Aramco itself, without specifying the size of the plant and where it will be built. The Saudi fund Modern Industrial Investment Holding also participates in the agreement. InterContinental Energy is building two hydrogen and ammonia mega-factories in Australia and one in Oman. The first Saudi hydrogen project, in Neom in the northwest of the country, will begin to produce 240,000 tons of gas per year. Saudi Arabia aims to produce 2.9 million tons per year of hydrogen by 2030 (both green and blue) and 4 million tons in 2035. The Arab country has committed to achieving net zero gas emissions by 2060 Blue hydrogen is that produced from methane, with greenhouse gas emissions. Green hydrogen is the one produced from water, through electrolysis powered by renewable energy, without emissions. Ammonia (NH3) is the new frontier of green fuels. It is easier to store than hydrogen and could be used as early as ten years from now for ships, heat engines or fuel cells. (HANDLE).

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