Google may have deleted the Pixel Fold

According to the latest rumors, Google has changed its mind about the possibility of launching its first foldable smartphone. Will we have to say goodbye to the Pixel Fold forever?

Initially, it was believed that Pixel Fold would arrive alongside the Pixel 6 series, or at the latest by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021. Now it seems that Google has changed its mind, as the device the company devised could have no chance against Samsung, which released its first device. foldable in 2019 and currently produces one of the best foldable devices.

Even Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants says the Mountain View company canceled orders for the components that would be needed for the Pixel Fold. It is not currently scheduled for release until the first half of 2022. Google plans to release the stable version of Android 12L, intended for tablets and foldable phones, in March 2022, so it was assumed that the Pixel Fold would be announced the same month. The code found in the Google Camera app also indicated that the device would be released in 2022.

Pixel Fold not at the level of the competition

Apparently, though, Google doesn’t think the device is competitive enough to take on the competition. Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Pixel Fold did not have stylus support and could not even sport a front camera below the display. However, the technical specifications that had emerged were far from disappointing. According to reports, the device would have arrived with a 7.57-inch internal screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. In addition, the chip would have moved the device. Google Tensor. The camera specifications, on the other hand, had to be the same as the Pixel 5, so not the latest, but still satisfactory.

Finally, there is another concern that plagues Google, namely the high cost of production. In fact, Samsung produces many of the components of the device itself. For a new competitor like Google, however, a foldable device may not be profitable immediately. In short, it seems that, at least for the moment, there will be no Pixel Fold.


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