Google announces the new Fitbit Charge 5

Google just announced Fitbit Charge 5, the company’s latest health and fitness tracker with built-in GPS and personalized heart rate features, all in a sleeker, sleeker design.

The new tracker comes with a AMOLED color display 1.04-inch glass protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with the ability to activate the always-on display function. The display is also twice as bright as its predecessor.

Fitbit Charge 5 monitors your health

There is also an integrated GPS, support for 20 training modes that are automatically recognized and an estimate of your V02 max. Furthermore, ECG app will soon be available on Charge 5, offering a vital tool for many people. There is also 24/7 heart rate monitoring that will notify the user when he is above or below his personal intervals. Charge 5 also offers a holistic view of other key wellness metrics via the dashboard Health Metrics in the Fitbit app. Among the monitored parameters we find the respiratory rate, change in skin temperature and SpO2. There are also several sleep monitoring tools such as daily sleep score, sleep stages and SmartWake alarms.

The Charge 5 is the first Fibit tracker to include a EDA sensor, which measures the body’s response to stress through small changes in the sweat glands of the fingers. This sensor was first introduced with Fitbit Sense.

As for the smart functions, there are the contactless payments, the option to receive / send notifications to / from your smartphone (quick replies only with Android) and the option to choose from 20 colored watch faces to better customize the tracker.

Price and availability

Fitbit Charge 5 is available in Black with Graphite Stainless Steel Case, Lunar White with Gold Stainless Steel Case and Blue Steel with Platinum Stainless Steel Case. The selling price is € 179.99 in Europe. It also comes with a six-month Premium subscription. Starting today, it will be available for pre-order online at, with worldwide availability starting next fall.


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