Generali, De Agostini starts the sale of the stake

MILAN, 22 NOV – The De Agostini Group announces that it has launched a project for the gradual disposal of its 1.44% stake in Generali. In this context, a note reads, a first operation was carried out consisting of a derivative instrument on 2.25 million shares, equal to 0.14% of the share capital of Leone. The characteristics of the transaction will allow De Agostini to exercise voting rights at the Generali meeting next spring, when the board of directors will also have to be renewed. In this regard, De Agostini “expresses his appreciation for the work of the management of the insurance company, with which he shared objectives and values, as well as his esteem and harmony with the CEO Philippe Donnet, who has been able to distinguish himself over the last two mandates for the strategic vision, the technical competence and the managerial completeness. Quality – concludes the note – which have translated into excellent industrial and financial results “. The proceeds from the sale will be used by De Agostini to pursue new investment opportunities in the near future. (HANDLE).

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