Gb: weekend in the countryside in Sandringham for the queen

LONDON, 09 NOV – Queen Elizabeth, 95, spent the weekend at the country residence of Sandringham, Norfolk, as part of the period of rest from any public travel or engagement in person ordered by her doctors in October and then continued. for two weeks, until at least November 14th. This was announced today by unofficial sources from Buckingham Palace, specifying that the sovereign – last month subjected to a very rare hospitalization of about 24 hours for unspecified “preliminary” medical examinations – has in the meantime returned “by helicopter” to Windsor Castle. , where in the next few days it will continue to concern itself. In any case, the move to Sandringham represents a positive sign on the health conditions of Elizabeth II, after the concerns raised by the forced break of recent weeks, sealed by the reluctant renunciation of a participation in presence at the UN international climate conference CoP26 underway in Glasgow. , in Scotland, under the British presidency: an event that the royal family has shown to care very much and that the queen has nevertheless marked with a video message with passionate tones of alarm about global warming addressed to the leaders of the world. (HANDLE).


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