Gb: sharks find ‘home’ along the Thames back to life

LONDON, NOV 10 – Sharks have found ‘home’ along the Thames thanks to conservation efforts to revive the London River, declared “biologically dead” in 1957 due to extreme pollution levels. The turnaround is revealed in a report by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), which made a large study of the waterway’s condition. Among the species that inhabit it, in fact, there are examples of sharks including the galeo, which can reach two meters in length and live up to 50 years, the starry dog ​​and the poisonous ‘spurdog’. Thanks to its high salinity, the Thames allows many animal species to populate it: among these seahorses, eels and seals have been identified. Scientists believe that sharks use the estuary to give birth and this is possible thanks to improved water quality and oxygen concentrations in the 346km river that flows through the British capital. (HANDLE).

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