Gb: Johnson quotes Peppa Pig in front of industrialists, it is controversial

LONDON, 22 NOV – A speech punctuated by jokes and rhetorical inventions, in classic Boris Johnson style; but with a rate of bizarre that this time made more than one turn up their noses. This is how it ended for the British Tory premier in the traditional speech before the assembly of industrialists of the CBI, the British Confindustria, held this year in the north of England: speech in which Her Majesty’s head of government went so far as to quote Peppa Pig, a famous cartoon character, indirectly compared himself to Moses and at times seemed to lose the thread; at least according to the most hostile media, such as the pro-Labor Guardian who did not hesitate to brand him as “rambling”. Evoking the need for the private sector to drive the recovery, beyond the massive public interventions made by his own government against the backdrop of the pandemic, the prime minister cited the example of the success of a theme park dedicated to Peppa Pig. . “I love Peppa Pig World, raise your hand if you’ve been there,” he insisted, addressing an audience of perplexed businessmen. Some of those present then openly criticized him for not seriously concentrating on the subject under discussion, the long-awaited plans for the north of England. And, moreover, for asking the audience if he had ever visited a children’s attraction hundreds of miles away “and six hours by car” from where he was. (HANDLE).


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