Gaza: demonstrations on the border with Israel, injured

(ANSAmed) – GAZA, AUGUST 25 – Following repeated appeals from Hamas, a thousand Palestinian demonstrators from Khan Yunes (Gaza) gathered along the demarcation line with Israel and tried to break through the fences. Departments of the Israeli army, deployed in force along the border, are busy repelling them by using tear gas and firing rubber-coated bullets. Local sources report that demonstrators set fire to tires and launched fireballs into the sky, headed for nearby Israeli agricultural fields. Palestinian press sources report that so far there are 10-20 injured, bruised and intoxicated demonstrators. Two of them were shot in the head. In the morning in Gaza, a funeral was held for a member of the Hamas military wing hit on Saturday by fire from Israeli soldiers during riots close to the border. Thousands of people followed his coffin, flaunting the flags of Hamas. The political leaders of the movement warn that these demonstrations are destined to continue until the lifting of restrictive measures imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip. (ANSAmed).

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