From now on tradable on this European exchange

After Cardano, the investment company Valor is now also bringing a Polkadot ETP to the Swedish stock exchange Nordic Market Growth.

After the investment firm Valor in the middle of last month Exchange Traded Product (ETP) brought Cardano to the Nordic Growth Market (NGM), the company is now moving with it Valor Polkadot (DOT) SEC to. In a press release, the DeFi Technologies subsidiary announced on June 1st that the financial product is now tradable on the Swedish stock exchange. The main aim of this is to facilitate access to DOT for institutional investors. Valor ensures that every ETP purchased is secured by the same number of polkadots. Valor CEO Diana Biggs was enthusiastic about the listing:

We are thrilled to be the first to bring a Polkadot ETP to the Scandinavian countries … the launch of Valor DOT SEK is a direct response to increasing demand from both private and institutional investors looking for more access to innovative blockchain solutions. Required protocols about our ETPs.

Diana Biggs, Valor CEO

Polkadot continues to be preoccupied with parachain

In the meantime, the DOT developer team is still working on the Parachain ambitiously. Polkadot version 0.9, which contained the code for the use of parachains and crowdloans, only went online about three weeks ago. Shortly afterwards, the team celebrated another breakthrough when the first Parachain hit the Kusama network. Parachain auctions and crowdloans give DOT projects the opportunity to finally prove their ambitious goals in practice. The Polkadot ecosystem needs parachains to create privacy chains or smart contract applications.

Polkadot is moving into phase five, the final phase of the introduction of Polkadot, explains founder Gavin Wood. With the Parachain functionality, “the final vision of a heterogeneous sharded system will soon become a reality.”

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