from Japan, the new sensation of surfing [Video di surf]

What do you think about when you think about the Japan? Probably the hyper-technological cities, sushi, cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji and robots. Less likely, think of the surf.

Yet, the Land of the Rising Sun does not lack beachbreaks that are anything but unseemly, and this sport has spread increasingly since the postwar period. And there are highly respected surfers, who hold the Japanese flag high all over the world. A name? There rider Roxy Nao Omura, a young athlete who is also appreciated outside Japan.

To be honest, Nao didn’t start surfing in her home country. The love of the board and the waves blossomed when he was only ten years old and on a trip to Hawaii with his parents. Since then nothing has been able to separate her from her passion, and today she travels the world passing from one wave to another.

His favorite spots are in Indonesia, and I hope that with the Japanese surf team joining the Olympics, this sport will catch on even more in your country!

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