French President Emmanuel Macron and his vaccine against Covid

The French president Emmanuel Macron, who signed a contract with Covid-19 in December, announced in a tweet that he and his son Brigitte were vaccinated, encouraging all the French to do so.

«Like Brigitte and me, like 25 million of French women, vaccinons-us! To protect us, to protect us, ”said the head of the State, after a prime tweet indicating:” vaccinated! “

Emmanuel Macron, 43 years old, said the injection that the vaccination is open to people in France with all the adultery that he soars, plus the five months since he was young, conforms to the recommendations of the sanitary authorities. less than 3 months and with a single injection.

Lef de l’Etat n’a pas precisé quel vaccin il avait reçu. He visited this positive test on December 17 and his birthday was seven days later.

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