Francesco Pecs is strange, Francesco Pecs is good

Francesco Pecs is a singer-songwriter, author and rapper from Ancona. He begins speaking in the third person as early as 18, in his first and timid artistic biography. In 2018 he released two singles independently: “Le legs di Letizia” and “Mandarini”, obtaining a positive response from the public. In 2018 he ranked second to “Piero Ciampi” award of Livorno, one of the most important national competitions for emerging songwriters, receiving a special mention and an invitation to play for one of the award events. Thanks to two scholarships, he participated in courses as author and composer at the CET of Mughal. That of Francesco Pecs a “Bittersweet songwriter”, for his use of irony and for his attention to the facets of everyday life. During his live activity he shared stages and festivals with Dargen D “Amico, Murubutu, Gianmaria Accusani, Angela Baraldi.

His first album will be released in 2021, “Ah! Fantasy”, for the Nufabric Records label.



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