France: racial hatred, Eric Zemmour’s trial begins

PARIS, 17 NOV – The trial of the French far-right polemicist and possible candidate in the presidential elections of 2022, Eric Zemmour, opened today in Paris. Zemmour is the subject of a new judicial proceeding for his controversial statements on isolated underage migrants. However, the trial opened in his absence, “to prevent the courtroom from turning into an all-news television studio”, said yesterday his lawyer, Olivier Pardo. Known for his incendiary statements, Zemmour is on trial for “complicity in provocation of racial hatred” and “racial insult”. This time the subject of the trial are the controversial words he spoke on September 29, 2022 on the CNews broadcaster. During a talk show, the polemicist branded isolated underage migrants as “thieves, murderers and rapists”. “They are nothing but this – added Zemmour – we must send them away and they must not even come”. The polemicist was already sentenced last autumn to pay a fine of 10,000 euros for insult and incitement to hatred after a diatribe against Islam and immigration. Among other things, on April 15, 2020, arguing in full lockdown on the Paris-Premiere broadcaster, Zemmour replied to an Italian reporter saying that “Italy does not exist, has never existed, is not a nation and you (Italians, ed) you should be French. If Napoleon had won, you would be French ”. (HANDLE).

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