for the first time, a majority of Français favorable to the landfill

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A majority of the Français (51%) is “favorable” for the cannabis demarcation for the first time since the 1970s, following a Ifop survey for

It was 43% in 2017, 32% in 1997 and 27% in 1977, the exact Ipop.

In detail, 47% of non-consumers are in favor of the decision. By the way, 40% of the French who envisage the Marine Le Pen for the presidential election of 2022 are only 19 points more than the ones that were included in a bulletin Jean-Marie Le Pen in the 2002 race.

Equally 47% of French interrogations are favored by legalization, they are an authorization of consumption and production in a frame established by the Ileop term.

A study by the French Observatory on Drugs and Toxicomaniases (OFDT) took place in December 2018 due to a French inflection on the subject, which is declared to be favored at 45% of the legalization.

This recommendation for this 2019 by the Economic Analysis Council, an instance of reflection on the authority of the Prime Minister and, since its inception, on a coordinated parliamentary mission by the LREM Caroline Jan. The announcement is to counteract the traffic and be more effective in terms of public health.

A proposal of the transported visitor to legalize the cannabis to the other representatives presented on May 25 by the LFI deputy Eric Coquerel. She was appointed by one of the deputies, in principle, by other members of the LREM group, Jean-Baptiste Moreau and Patrick Vignal, and a member of the MoDem group, Richard Ramos.

François-Michel Lambert (Libertés and Territories), one of the most important parties of the Assembly of the Assembly, in the sense that “it will be legalized without action”, “it will be possible to pass a referendum”. “L’opinion publique attend cette grande réforme”, a plaidé jeudi dans un communiqué cet auteur d’une proposition de loi en 2019 pour une «légalisation sous monopole d’Etat».

In the case of Emmanuel Macron, he proposed, in April, to a presidential meeting, to “launch a grand debate on drug consumption”, and the executive was opposed to legalization.

Inquired by a self-administered questionnaire online from 11 to 17 May, after a turnout of 2,025 people, represented by the French population of 18 years and plus the method of quotations.

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