For an experience, SpaceX lance the squid at the International Space Station

The young specimens of a squid specimen (Euprymna scolopes) are embarrassed in the study of the appetite of the interactions between bacteria and hot dogs

A spaceX fusion in the Jewish-speaking area of ​​the International Station with its board that has all the series of scientific experiences that do not come from the habitats: the squid.

Le vaisseau, dont les sont loués par la Nasa, doit être lancé depuis la Floride vers 13H29 huere locale (17H29 GMT). The Dragon capsule can be removed from the Falcon 9 fuse in about 12 minutes after unloading. It is also located at the Spatal Station (ISS).

The young specimens of a squid (Euprymna scolopes) are embarrassed for travel, but the study of the appendix on the interactions between bacteria and their hands.

A part of the calamari sera in effet exposed, a fois to the board of the IISS, to a bacterium. Certains seront gardés intacts. At the height of 12 hours, all congregation congregated only after retreat on the Territory, or seront studies.

“Animals, which are humane, competent in microbes to maintain their digestive and immune system in good health,” said Jamie Foster, a principal responsible for this experience, quoted in a communication. “We do not fully understand the comments that are always alternate between these interactions.”

Experience for ainsi aider, à l’avenir, à development of techniques for protecting the health of astronauts participating in the missions of long duration in space.

Egalement à bord de la fusee de SpaceX: des tardigrades, aussi surnommés oursons d’eau, de microscopiques organismes connus pour leur resistance. Les scientifiques veulent etudier la façon dont ils s’adaptent dans es’pace.

Coton, portable ultrasonic device … in all, the mission of transport management plus 3,000 kg of scientific cargo.

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