Florence Pugh now has fiery red hair and you will have a hard time recognizing her

At the moment we are totally obsessed with the constant transformations of the hair of Florence Pugh.

Last August, the actress briefly said goodbye to her bright blonde hair, dyed it brown for a new film role in The Wonder, in which she plays a 19th century nurse.

Then, suddenly, he had amazed us, cutting all his hair into one very short pixie cut and so chic. But the 25-year-old wasn’t finished experimenting.

Now, Florence has changed her hair color once again, this time choosing a dramatic shade of fire red.

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The actress shared a photo of the new look on Instagram, the pixie cut of the fiery actress from the new one bright red tint it’s really amazing.

We wonder if she did it only for herself or if it has anything to do with it Black Widow, because if you’ve seen the movie you know that she is the new Black Widow and Natasha Romanoff has always had red hair.

And even if it’s not set in stone the fact that Florence will replace Scarlett Johansson, the character of Yelena Belova is here to stay in the Marvel Universe and maybe this will be the look we will see her with?

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