“Flashback” is the new solo single from Gemello

Twin announced the release of his new song “Flashback”, available from Friday 29 October.

Produced by Marta Venturini, the song promises to be an intimate journey through the memories of one relationship now past and which was thought to be locked in a drawer. Thanks to a simple scent, everything comes back vivid and extremely real, as if nothing had changed, and Gemello lets himself go to a stream of consciousness in which melancholy takes over.

About the single, the artist explains:

“With Flashback I really tested myself with singing, in a refrain that recalls the sounds of the 80s. The song has a nocturnal atmosphere, it tells of how a perfume, a forgotten feeling can catapult you into the past, and relive it as it had never passed. “

“Flashback” follows the release of “A piece of the universe”, collaboration carried out together with Coez And Gemitaiz. Both songs anticipate Gemello’s new musical project coming soon. Stay tuned!

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