Five policies launch the blueprint for a ‘feminist Spain’

MADRID, NOV 13 – Developing a feminist “country project” based “on listening to society”: this is the idea of ​​five political leaders of parties of the Spanish left – including Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor Yolanda Díaz -, gathered in a Valencia theater in a public act accompanied by great media expectations. An event entitled “Other policies”, presented as a space for “dialogue” beyond party acronyms and not as an electoral initiative. But in the course of which the “desire” to “open a new political cycle” was expressed to represent the “feminist tsunami” that has occurred in recent years in Spain. “I think it’s the beginning of something wonderful,” said Díaz herself. “President, president” ”, most of the hundreds of people present praised her. Recently, the deputy premier made it known that she was working for a new political space to the left of the Socialist Party (the main government force), without saying openly if she wants to run for the next elections. The other participants were the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau, the vice president of the Valencia region Monica Oltra, the opposition leader in the Madrid region Mónica García and the municipal councilor of the autonomous city of Ceuta Fatima H. ​​Hossain. More public education and health, the need for measures to curb the climate crisis, the fight against social inequalities and job insecurity were some of the policies on which they discussed. Ministers Ione Belarra and Irene Montero, leader of the Unidas Podemos formation, Sánchez’s government partner and main political force in recent years on the left of the socialists did not take part in the event. Before the meeting, the 5 leaders were greeted by the protest of some exponents of the trucking sector, according to the Iberian media. (HANDLE).

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