Fires: Spain, fire in the south still out of control

MADRID, 13 SEPTEMBER – A fire of “complex and exceptional” characteristics that broke out last Wednesday in the province of Malaga, in southern Spain, remains out of control. The fire spread to several municipalities located in the Sierra Bermeja, a mountainous area characterized by an orography that complicates the extinguishing work. “You don’t rest in the Sierra Bermeja. We continue to fight centimeter by centimeter to contain a devastating fire, ”Juanma Moreno, president of the Andalucía region, wrote on Twitter. Over the course of yesterday and, after more than 72 hours of constant work to contain the flames, the fire became complicated again, leading the authorities to evacuate more people in addition to the approximately 1,000 already sent away. Thus, we came to have about 2,670 evacuees, of which a thousand were then able to return home in the evening, according to what was reported by the regional authorities. In all, around 7,400 hectares of land have already been burned, according to the latest information provided to the Spanish media. “They are two fires that have come together,” said Carmen Crespo, councilor for Sustainable Development of the Andalusia region, in an interview granted this morning to the radio Cadena Ser. Crespo added that he does not believe that the fire can be controlled in the next few hours. , even if “a thread of hope” is preserved since it was possible to “go ahead with the work” tonight. Last night, the director of the regional fire plan said that “in recent times” in Spain there has never been a “so complicated” fire. Alongside the Andalusian firefighters, men from the Emergency Military Unit are now also working. (HANDLE).

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