Filippo joker in the BBC series, with his nephews he sprinkled mustard on top

LONDON, 21 SEPTEMBER – Prince Philip, who passed away last April at the age of 99, was once also a great joker as emerges from a BBC documentary that will be broadcast tomorrow in the UK. William himself remembers it, speaking in the program of the public broadcaster about the mustard joke made by his grandfather together with his beloved grandchildren (including the Duke of Cambridge): “He used to remove the lid (of the tube, ed) and put it in the your hands… and then squeeze them together to shoot the mustard on the ceiling ”. The sovereign, known for her absolute attention to good manners especially at the table, was each time rather irritated by her husband’s behavior. “He was getting into trouble with my grandmother,” Prince William still remembers. Entitled ‘Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers’, the documentary is a journey into the life and places of the Duke of Edinburgh (also seen in his private studio) through the most vivid memories of the members of the Windsors, including all four. the children of the Queen and Prince Philip, along with their adult grandchildren and long-time Palazzo staff members. (HANDLE).

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