Fast top-up: even more interesting performances on the way?

Many Android smartphone manufacturers are trying in every way to reduce charging times. At the moment, smartphones capable of absorbing 120W are available on the market. Will fast charging come even faster?

Some rumors spread on the web speak of the possibility that Xiaomi launches a new one fast charging from ben 150W. 2021, as well as 2020, was the year of fast top-ups. Manufacturers of smartphone Android have tried in every way to reduce the charging times of their smartphones and, especially for the top of the range, the goal has been largely achieved.

Xiaomi, with its 120W, has really surprised as well as Oppo with the 125W. In both cases, studies have shown that, despite the extreme charging speed, the decay of the batteries it wasn’t that excessive. The challenge now is to increase the reload speed while staying within the degradation of the 20% for 800 cycles charging.

fast charging

It is very likely that fast charging at 150W will be within these thresholds. The goal is to to break down charge times, improve the user experience and keep the quality of your products high.

Many customers are looking for high performance also in terms of charging speed, but the price to pay in terms of device longevity must not be so high.

On the other hand, there are companies like Apple interested in the fast recharge speech, but avoid to go towards these too extreme powers. However, the Cupertino company can boast of excellent autonomy, but always maintains the capacity of the same batteries within certain limits. In fact, in the Android field, high-end smartphones often integrate batteries that are twice as large as those of iPhones and therefore require greater power to reach noteworthy charge times. It is precisely this often the reason for which producers try to push the limits “beyond”.

fast charging

In any case, there is little point in using fast charging under normal use. These possibilities must certainly be exploited in case of need and not in standard night recharges.

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