Facebook exempts some personalities from its content moderation rules

A Facebook program allows certain celebrities, politicians and Internet users in order not to have to obey the same rules on moderation of content as the rest of the users, affirms, Monday, September 13, the “Wall Street Journal”.

Baptized “Crosscheck” Where “XCheck”, this program does not apply the same controls to messages posted on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of these “VIP” than on lambda accounts, provides the economic daily by citing internal company documents.

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It included up to 5.8 million subscribers in 2020. Some are exempt from the rules while others may post messages theoretically violating the instructions while waiting for a Facebook employee to review them.

A second layer of verification

This does not mean that there is “Two systems of justice” within the group, retorted Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Facebook, in a series of tweets.

If some pages or accounts receive a second layer of verification, it is to ensure that the rules are being implemented appropriately and “Avoid mistakes”, he said.

“We know that the application of our rules is not perfect and that there are compromises made between speed and precision”, he admitted.

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According to the “Wall Street Journal” article, Facebook for example allowed football star Neymar in 2019 to show his millions of subscribers nude photos of a woman who accused him of rape, before delete them.

The group has also reportedly let some accounts share claims deemed false by Facebook fact-checkers, including that vaccines kill, that Hillary Clinton covered so-called pedophile rings or that former President Donald Trump has qualified as” animals “ all asylum seekers.

Decisions taken “correctly”

For the supervisory board of the company, the implementation of special measures on the moderation of content is embarrassing.

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This body “Has repeatedly expressed concern about the lack of transparency in Facebook’s content moderation processes, particularly with regard to the company’s inconsistent management of high profile accounts”, declared the spokesperson of this body, supposed to be independent but financed by the group.

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In a post from three years ago, the company ensured that checking certain content a second time did not prevent the account, page or post from being removed but did ensure that any decision made in this direction was “Taken correctly”.

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