Ex on the Beach Italia 3: the appointment of Syria and Federico under the storm

It is impossible not to notice the chemistry between Syria And Federico, which was taken as soon as they met in the first episode of Ex On The Beach Italia 3.

This romantic wave even involved the tablet of terror who, for once magnanimous, decided to send them on a date under the stars. Too bad the weather got in the way, covering the sky with heavy clouds of rain, thunder and lightning.

But Syria and Federico are so busy that they hardly notice the storm or at most they use it as an excuse to get even closer … look how it went in video:

Here you can watch the best of episode 2 of #MTVEX with the arrival of two ex who change the cards on the table, including those of Syria and Federico!

Ex On The Beach Italia 3 goes on the air every Wednesday at 10pm on MTV (Sky 131) and streaming on NOW (watch it discovering NOW’s offer), presented by Cecilia Rodriguez And Ignazio Moser.

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