European airports alert to a potential chaos festival of controls Covid-19

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The European airports are launching a round of a potential chaos festival between their walls in the range of coronavirus pandemics. The voyages risk ainsi de devoir y patienter durant les prochains mois pour cette raison, met en garde Airport Council International Europe.

With the application of courses and attendance of restrictions on voyage in Europe and au-delà, thanks to the amelioration of the epidemiological situation, the European airports should be extended to new voyages plus travel. The passenger traffic is multiplied by three, passing 47 million passengers per month to 125 million passengers per year, this is ACI Europe.

However, the rest of the list is in the range of pre-pandemic traffic levels, the management of one of the augmentations constitutes a “operational without precedent”, as a result of the advice of European airports. Cela à cause of the space limit available with the mass at the distance of physical distance, which will include an augmentation of the treatment of passengers. A cela s’ajoute une hausse du nombre de pics de aerien, qui sera très concentré sur les periodes de pointe cet été.

These are the controls of the Covid-19 “multiples and variants” that contain the emotion, which has the control of supplementary controls in the airports visant to verify the test certificates, the forms of localization of passengers and the documents of quarantine . “These controls are generally effective for public authorities, airlines and / or escalation assistance societies. It is a variant of the original point and destination, in a function of rules that are constantly located and installed in Europe. On the other hand, they are the effects of multiple reprisals in the department and the arrears, the plurality of manual times – which entraîne des inefications and ralentit considering the times of treatment of passengers. For example, the controls of the COVID-19 tests in the department are currently duplicate, tripling, in 77% of European airports “, illustrates ACI Europe.

The organization will also provide European governments with assistance and support in a uniform manner in the proposed revision of the recommendation concerning the voyages to the interior of the public published by the European Commission. Selon elle, cela devrait guarantir la cohérence avec la recommandation sur les voyages à l’Intérieur de l’UE rècemment adoptedée le le Conseil européen et donc assurer la levée des restrictions de voyage pour les voyageurs vaccinés ainsi que pour les voyage.

They will also be able to share the Covid-19 number of communes and interoperable commuters of the year before the European Commission, which, together with the European Commission, will recognize the number of certificates and manuals. voisins de l’UE ainsi que par d’autres pays tiers qui absouplissent les restrictions de voyage avec l’Europe.

The airport can be used to ensure that the controls are not duplicated in the course of the voyage (in an integral part of the process and the maintenance of the airports), which is the only place possible in the passenger process (notation) par le biais de l’enregistrement en ligne) et que suffisamment de personnel soit deployé, notamment aux frontières, pour les assurer sans retarder les voyageurs.

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