EU promotes the maneuver but pay attention to public spending

BRUSSELS, NOV 24 – The draft of the Planning and Budget Document, the document that is a prelude to the maneuver and which is sent to Brussels every year, “contributes to meeting the recommendations of the Council to ensure an inclusive and sustainable recovery, giving priority to the green transition and digital “. This is what the EU commission writes in its judgment on the draft of the Dpb sent by the Italian government. “Italy is invited to regularly monitor the use, effectiveness and adequacy of support measures and be ready to adapt them, if necessary, to the circumstances that arise”, reads the text of the EU executive which warns on the level achieved by public spending. “The impact of the increase in public spending on Italy’s fiscal position amounts to 1.5% of GDP, it is a significant figure and the Commission invites Italy to take it into account”, they explain in Brussels, urging the government to take appropriate measures to limit their increase. In any case, the guidelines indicated by the European Commission on the Italian Planning and Budget Document are of a “qualitative” type, underlines a senior EU official, specifying that with regard to Italy “no quantitative indication is provided on the necessary adjustments, due to the ‘application of the general safeguard clause’, which suspends the obligations under the Stability and Growth Pact. (HANDLE).

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