EU, in Bulgaria only 29% vaccinated, Ireland at the top with 93%

BRUSSELS, 23 NOV – Bulgaria, with only 29%, is the country with the lowest number of fully vaccinated adults in the EU, and the highest death rate, or 325 deaths per one million inhabitants, in 14 days. Among the rear in the EU are also Romania, 43% immunized and 267 deaths per million inhabitants; and Slovakia, 54% and 29 deaths. These are the data of the European Commission, relaunched by the spokesperson for Health, Stefan De Keersmaecker, on his Twitter profile. With 82% of adults having received both shots and 9 deaths per million inhabitants, Italy is in the medium-high range. Just below are France 81% and 7 deaths, and Germany 81% and 20 deaths. A little above, however, Sweden, 83%, 3 deaths; Finland 83%, 7 deaths; and Spain 84%, 4 deaths. The EU country with the most vaccinations is Ireland, 93% with 15 deaths per million citizens, closely followed by Portugal, 92%, 10 deaths; and Malta 92% with zero deaths. (HANDLE).


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