Ethiopia: NGO, Italian aid worker released

CAIRO, NOV 14 – Alberto Livoni, the Emilian humanitarian worker detained since Saturday 6 November in a police station in Addis Ababa, has been released awaiting confirmation on the lawfulness of his payment of money intended for refugees. This was confirmed by the NGO of which he is coordinator for Ethiopia, the ‘Vis’ (‘International volunteering for development’). “We are finally pleased to announce the release of our colleague Alberto Livoni, who was held in custody in Ethiopia in recent days”, wrote the Vis on its website. “The operation carried out by the Italian Embassy in Ethiopia, to which our thanks go for the tireless commitment, led today to release the Italian VIS operator in good condition”, is added in the statement. “We remain apprehensive for the two local VIS operators still held in custody, we continue to follow their situation, also hoping for their immediate release”, concludes the note. The arrest of the 65-year-old Livoni was carried out by security forces in his home in Addis Ababa after a raid and with him the other two operators of the local staff of the Vis were stopped. According to media rumors, the Ethiopian authorities wanted to ascertain why the coordinator of the Vis had sold about 20,000 dollars to a person: even if no accusations were formalized, the Ethiopian investigators suspected that the funds were used to help the militants of the Popular Front of liberation of the Tigrè (Fplt) now launched to conquer the capital, and not just refugees. Vis in Ethiopia supports the Salesians in schooling and professional training projects for young people and is very active in northern Tigrè (ANSA).

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