Espionage of Europeans in the USA and Denmark: “extremely big” and awesome

Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for the Minister of European Affairs and Foreign Affairs – Charges of European Affairs
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The espionage of responsible Europeans for American aid services by Denmark is extremely “extremely dangerous”, and this is the secret of the French State of European Affairs, Clément Beaune, in response to European claims.

“It is extremely difficult to verify the partners of the United States, Danois, on the basis of resources or faults in our cooperation with American services (…). Et puis du côté américain, voir si en effet, il ya eu (…) l’écoute, l’espionnage de responsivis politiques », at-il déclaré sur la télévision et radio France Info, n’écartant pas l’idée d ‘«en tirer les conséquences en termes de coopération» avec les Etats-Unis.

“On n’est pas dans un monde de Bisounours, donc ce genre de comportement, malheureusement, peut arriver, on va le verifier”, at-il déclaré.

“Between allies, he has and has a trust, a minimal cooperation, because these potentials are graves, he fails to verify, and he has to follow the sequences of cooperation terms.”

Les Etats-Unis is a spy for the responsible politicians in Europe, dont the chance of Angela Merkel, from 2012 to 2014 with the help of Danish renaissance services, on the report of the Danish and European media.

The Danmarks Radio (DR) public television station is indicated by the US National Security Agency (NSA) as a branch of telecommunication cables given to spies for responsible plans and high-profile officials in Germany, Sweden. Norway and France.

To do so, the NSA has benefited from a collaboration in surveillance with the military intelligence services provided by the FE.

Clement Beaune affirmed that he did not know the identity of the French who had been spying on him.

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