Eng: asset purchase after trade union negotiations, not before 7/9

ROME, AUGUST 24 – ITA intends to complete the acquisition of the Aviation assets from Alitalia once the trade union discussions have been concluded, in any case not before September 7. This can be read in the communication sent to the trade unions on the negotiation that will start starting from tomorrow’s meeting. “Any binding agreement concerning the acquisition of the Aviation assets will be finalized once the trade union discussions started with this communication have been completed, in any case not before 7 September, it being understood that the start of the overall company operations is scheduled for 15 October ”, Writes the president of ITA Alfredo Altavilla. ITA will start its operations with 52 aircraft and with 2,800 employees. The workforce “initially necessary for the start-up of the activities” is “equal, according to the Business Plan, to 2,800 employees”, explains ITA, who says he is “available” to compose the workforce “also evaluating any candidates for employment presented by current Alitalia Sai employees “. The Plan also provides that the company can “subsequently increase the initial workforce”, up to “reaching the total maximum number of approximately 5,750 employees in 2025”. ITA intends to apply to its personnel the new national collective bargaining agreement for air transport – specific part of the carriers, “on condition that the new national collective labor agreement is renewed, no later than the date of 20 September 2021”. A term, it is explained, to allow the company, “in the absence of an agreement, to develop alternative regulatory solutions”: without agreement, in fact, “ITA will define, with a specific company regulation, the transitional treatments applicable to personnel”. (HANDLE).

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