Energy: Cingolani, Northern countries resistance on EU storage

ROME, NOV 26 – “On December 2 we have another ministerial meeting (European, ed) and we are also trying to discuss a joint procurement approach, that is to create, for example, a European storage that allows to stabilize costs in the meantime , but also to face the emergency “. This was stated by the Minister of Energy Transition Roberto Cingolani responding in the House to the Chamber to an urgent questioning on the rise in energy costs. “I must tell you that having proposed it, moreover I together with other countries, especially in the Mediterranean area, there is a strong resistance of the countries of Northern Europe to have common stockpiles. To this is added another aspect – said Cingolani, according to what is reported in the stenographic report of the assembly -; analysts believe that gas fluctuations may decrease when Nord Stream starts ”. (HANDLE).

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