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ROME, SEPTEMBER 24 – “It is easy to predict that the upward pressure on prices will continue in the immediate future and the medium-term forecasts today suggest a very slow process of realignment at lower prices”. This was stated by the president of the Arera in his speech at the presentation of the Annual Report to Parliament and Government, underlining that this “urges reflection on the opportunity to make some” of the interventions to contain their “structural impact, including the possibility of allocating on a stable basis a share of the increase in revenues from CO2 auctions due to the reduction of general system costs “. The effect of the government intervention to contain the increase in bills “you will see it on Tuesday (when the Arera will release the quarterly update, ed.), But it will certainly be significant,” said Besseghini. “It’s a bit like last time, there was a 20% variation. Something significant will be able to be done this time too ”, he added. The president of the Arera then highlighted that “the transition, even if accepted and shared, risks putting us in front of extra costs that could have a greater impact on the weaker categories. This is the theme of the ‘just transition’ “and he also spoke on the hot topic of nuclear power:” Italy can no longer afford to accumulate delays. The decommissioning and the identification of the site for the construction of a national radioactive waste repository (which finally started in recent months after years of delays and hesitations) cannot wait – he said – Wasting time would mean loading future generations with economic and environmental costs. unacceptable “. (HANDLE).

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