Energy: 0-emission fuels with green hydrogen and CO2

BOLOGNA, 25 NOV – To produce innovative fuels with zero emissions using carbon dioxide and green hydrogen, for possible uses in transport, industry and residential areas. This is the goal of the E-CO2 research project, co-financed by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Development and Cohesion Fund and coordinated by the Enea Cross-Tec Laboratory of Bologna in partnership with the Universities of Bologna and Parma, the Energy Environment Laboratory of Piacenza, Romagna Tech and the companies of the Hera Group, Siram Veolia, Ecospray Technologies, Tper, Idro Meccanica and Buzzi Unicem. the project also sees the participation, among others, of the universities of Bologna and Parma and the Hera Group. “The synthetic methane produced by CO2 and green hydrogen – explains the project coordinator Giuseppe Nigliaccio – could be fed into the natural gas network and thus find use in the mobility, industrial and residential sectors. Precisely the possibility of using the vast gas network present in our country, with an energy storage function, constitutes the great potential for use of this technology. At the same time, a greater penetration of renewable electricity sources is favored, through the interaction of the electricity grid with that of gas, the so-called sector coupling ”. (HANDLE).

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