Emma Stone explained how she switches from her real name to her stage name when she’s working

You know her how Emma Stone, but in reality his real name is Emily Jean Stone.

The star had said in the past that she changed it when she went to join the Screen Actors Guild and he had discovered that there was already a registered Emily Stone. So he had replaced Emily with Emma, inspired by his favorite Spice Girls, Emma Bunton.

Now the 32-year-old actress has explained that she is called by her stage name only in a professional context, while family and friends call her by her real name: “I never would have changed my name if I didn’t have to“he told friends of MTV USA.

If at first she didn’t like the idea of ​​the pseudonym, then she realized that it is useful for remembering that she is working: “All the people who know me personally call me Emily. I like the distinction now, why if I hear Emma I know I have to work. Whether it’s someone who doesn’t know me that well or who has to call me that for work“.

The funny thing is that there are people I work with who know me personally, who tell me: ‘I have to call you Emma in interviews, because it would be weird if I said Emily. They would wonder if I know your name ‘“.

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Emma Stone also revealed that her current stage name wasn’t her first choice: “I changed my name to Riley for a little while. They told me I had to change my name, I was a teenager and I asked myself: ‘What’s a cool name? Riley is cool, I’ll be Riley! ‘. But then it scared me and I changed with Emma“.

Emily, Emma or Riley Stone: we’re sure whatever her name was, her talent would have brought her where she is today! Watch the whole interview in the video:

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