Ema, at the beginning of October, opinion on the third dose and recalls

BRUSSELS, SEPTEMBER 23 – The European Medicines Agency (Ema) will take a position on the need for a third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine and also for the booster “at the beginning of October”. This was stated by Marco Cavaleri, head of the Ema task force for vaccines and Covid-19 therapies. “Studies confirm that the third dose helps in cases of immunosuppressed patients,” Cavaleri said, and that “the effects of immunization decline over time.” The priority for public health, however, remains “to complete the vaccination cycle for those who have not yet done so”. “To date, no request has been received to extend the indication for a Covid-19 vaccine in children under the age of 12. EMA expects Pfizer to present data on children between the ages of 5 and 11 in early October and that Moderna data will be received in early November, ”added EMA’s director general. (HANDLE).

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