Elvis: here are the first images of the biopic of Baz Luhrmann with Austin Butler

The biopic about Elvis starring Austin Butler announced in 2019 is ready to arrive at the cinema and the director Baz Luhrmann shared on Twitter a short clip to let all fans of the King of Rock and Roll.

I have done something to let you good people know that we will take care of our business on June 24, 2022“wrote Luhrmann on Twitter.

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The 21-second clip first shows Butler (who reportedly beat Harry Styles, Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort for the role) as The King. We catch a glimpse of the 30-year-old actor’s sharp profile and his hair combed back as someone approaches behind him. Tom Hanks, who is supposed to play Elvis’ complicated manager, the Colonel Tom Parker?

After two slow-motion takes of Butler walking in a black leather jacket and white dress, the clip ends with the abbreviation TCB, which stands for “taking care of business“. TCB was the Elvis motto, as well as the nickname he gave to his band, starting in 1969. The lightning bolt means that “business” was handled super fast.

Given that the Oscar-nominated director cited the “TCB” era in his caption as well, it appears that the biopic it could be set close to 1969, the year Elvis resumed the tour. In the teaser it resonates as well Suspicious Minds, great success of 1969.

The film referred to the title is not yet known, will come out on June 24, 2022. Here, you can see the clip shared by Luhrmann.

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Small recap on Austin Butler. For a long time he was just Vanessa Hudgens’ boyfriend (they broke up in January 2020), then he appeared in The dead don’t die from Jim Jarmusch and in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino. These two films have drawn attention to him, and here comes the big chance of his first film as a star in the part of Elvis. Now the miniseries is shooting Masters of the Air, produced by co-star Tom Hanks.

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