Elettra Lamborghini has found his MTV Super Shore “wife”: the reunion with Talia in Mexico

There are friendships that span all distances: just like the one between Elettra Lamborghini And Talia Loaiza!

They met thanks to MTV Super Shore and, taking advantage of the fact that our matadora is in this moment in Mexico, they finally met in person.

The singer of “Gunslinger“showed in the Stories how they spent the reunion: in a restaurant, tasting the specialties of the country! With them there was also another protagonist of the show, that is Esteban Martínez.

You can take a look at Elettra’s Stories, saved in this video:

On Talia’s Instagram account, they remembered their “wedding” on MTV Super Shore and joked about their looks of the time.

Look who I met, my bride“began the Mexican star, surprising his fans with Elettra Lamborghini.

This reunion made us want to see Elettra Lamborghini again on MTV Super Shore!

In the video below we have collected the best moments that the twerking queen gave us on the show:

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