Electric cars, those who drive them travel the most kilometers

Who drives electric cars it runs more kilometers than someone who still has a diesel or petrol engine. This is the result of new research conducted by Nissan, ready to demonstrate how electric cars stimulate greater use of four wheels. This is mainly due to the increasingly generous range of these vehicles, as well as the gradual decrease in “range anxiety”.

The study was conducted in Europe, where electric cars are already widespread and the network of charging stations is increasingly widespread.

Electric cars, more kilometers are covered

As already mentioned, those who drive an electric car tend to grind more kilometers compared to those who own a petrol or diesel car. Nissan researchers have in fact conducted a survey in Europe, comparing the use of electric vehicles (EV) with normal combustion vehicles (ICE).

The results are amazing. European motorists travel approx 14,200 kilometers per year with electric cars, while petrol and diesel stop at 13,600 kilometers.

Yet, there is always a certain fear about the range of these vehicles to slow the transition to electric mobility. 47% of owners of a combustion car believe that petrol and diesel guarantee greater autonomy. 58% of those who do not want to consider a switch to electric, about 30% of all owners of a fuel car, say that a longer range of batteries is needed (38%), a faster possibility of recharging (32%) and a more widespread infrastructure of columns (30%).

Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President of Product Strategy and Pricing of Nissan AMIEO, commented on the results of the survey:

This research reaffirms that electric driving is not only an environmentally smart option, but also a fun and exciting choice for motorists. Unsurprisingly, people who drive electric cars take longer distances than those who run on fuel. We believe that by further disproving the legends about electric cars, range anxiety will soon be a thing of the past.

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