Electric cars, China aims at battery swap

There China is already thinking about the future of electric cars, focusing on a technology that could revolutionize the entire sector: that of battery swap. More and more companies are launching their own on-the-fly battery replacement services, and apparently the various local automakers are even organizing to define a standard.

If the project were to go through, the Asian country could surpass all its main competitors in terms of sustainable mobility: the battery swap is in fact seen as one of the secrets to push the sale of electric cars to excess.

Electric cars, the Chinese battery swap

The logic behind the battery swap is very simple. Instead of recharging the batteries of your car, perhaps remaining connected to the small columns or to the domestic socket, these components are replaced on the fly with others already charged. It will therefore be the structure in charge of collection that will take care of their recharging, then mounting them on the vehicles of other motorists.

Several Chinese companies are already offering similar services, such as NIO. And, just a few days ago, an innovative project by Geely was unveiled, ready to demonstrate how the battery replacement procedure does not take more than a minute.

For the system to work, however, it is necessary for all manufacturers to choose one standardized technology. Today the driver must in fact go to specific centers to take advantage of the battery swap, the facilities made available by the manufacturer for their model. This still represents a strong deterrent to the purchase of electric cars, as these replacement stations are not widespread on the territory.

Standardize the process by creating one national standard, on the other hand, it could guarantee users to go to any facility – even a brand other than that of their car – thus taking advantage of greater coverage in the area.

However, the investment for automakers is not a small one, as each station costs approximately $ 500,000 in order to be implemented. But the long-term benefits could be incredibly greater. NIO, which can already count on 117 battery swap stations, has seen the demand for electric cars grow exponentially thanks to this innovation. So much so that, in the course of 2020, sales of electric cars doubled.

According to reports from Auto News Europe, at work for a standardization there could be several local realities at work, such as Geely, Nio, Changan Automobile, SAIC Motor and many others.

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