Ed Sheeran would be working with TikTok on a new project

Ed Sheeran he would have something in store and we’re not just talking about his new music!

The singer would be the protagonist of a partnership with TikTok to become the “face of the app“, as reported by the The Sun.

The English newspaper published the words of a source, according to which: “Ed signed a big deal with TikTok and was touring the app in London recently. It’s quite a hit to have someone as big as Ed on board and everyone is thrilled. TikTok it’s a huge platform for artists right now and Ed knows it. It’s something he wanted to get involved in and the project he is doing with them is really exciting“.

Ed Sheeran has opened his TikTok profile in 2019 and for now he has published less than a dozen videos, including one in which you can duet with him on the notes of his latest unreleased song “Afterglow”, released last December.

Two weeks ago, fans pricked their ears when the 30-year-old singer revealed that he is preparing something. “Somethings cookin ‘” wrote in the caption of a photo on Instagram in which he appears with his inseparable guitar.

Then gave some more details in an interview on BBC Radio1, anticipating to expect the unexpected regarding his new music: “My next single is going to be something very very different. Really different from the previous ones. (…) I’m playing with a band for the first time and it’s like taking another step. I’ve played with bands in the past, but only for TV performances. With the pedalboard and the loop station I went on for 15 years, I wanted to try something different. “

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