E-Gap: 200mln plan, expansion in cities in Italy and abroad

ROME, NOV 24 – E-GAP, mobile and on-demand charging operator for electric cars in Europe launches a three-year expansion plan in Italy and abroad worth 200 million euros. The Italian company, with services already active in Rome and Milan, and soon in new cities of the peninsula, plans to expand the mobile charging infrastructure, expand the range of products as well as open in new countries and in around 200 cities between Europe and the United States. As regards expansion on international markets, the Plan provides for the opening of the service in France and Spain by the end of the year, starting with Paris and Madrid. The expansion will also involve Germany and the United Kingdom within the first half of 2022, thus completing the first phase of the Business Plan which provides for the positioning of the service in the main European countries, corresponding to approximately 70% of the electricity market in the area. The second phase of the Plan provides for further expansion in Europe, so as to cover the main capitals of the Old Continent, as well as entry into the US market, by the beginning of 2023. E-GAP is also working on an expansion of its fleet of vehicles used for the on-demand electric charging service: 100 new e-vans are planned by summer 2022, with the aim of reaching the quota of 500 green charging vehicles by 2024. The company is also working to integrate the mobile charging offer with a series of off-grid charging solutions, including a first launch of ultrafast products already in the first half of 2022. (ANSA).

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