Dua Lipa has a reason to say thanks to the haters, reflecting on her career

Dua Lipa he thought back to his career, on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the release of his first album bearing his name.

“Dua Lipa” had arrived in 2017, immediately projecting it into the Olympus of music stars. Now the 25-year-old singer has posted a Stories to tell how grateful she is for the people and moments that brought her to where she is today, including the haters!

Dua Lipa at the 2021 Grammy Awards – getty images

It’s been four years since my debut album came out and I’m so thankful for all the amazing opportunities, the great people I’ve met and all the amazing lessons I’ve learned.“began.

She then explained how certain negative comments inspired her to give her all and improve: “Go on tour for three years ed being bullied online, which made me want to dance to exhaustion and really get better, so thank you very much“.

For all the good and bad things, which helped me grow. I will always be grateful and excited for you to see what comes next“.

Last year, Dua Lipa opened up about how certain memes or comments that mocked her dancing had affected her mental health: “They gave me anxiety and upset, they made me feel like I’m not good enough, like I don’t have to be on stage“he said to Attitude.

Today we know that he used that negativity in the most beautiful way: drawing strength to improve himself!

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